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If you are a new resident of Colorado but have perviously been revoke for mulitple drunk driving convictions by another state,you may be eligible for a Colorado Drivers License !

As bad as colorado dui laws are, some states are positively "medieval" in punishing persons with drunk driving convictions. Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts and North Carolina routinely prohibit drivers with multiple dui convictions from driving for the rest of their lives! If you find yourself the victim of a long term license revocation from another state and you have recently moved to Colorado or plan to move to colorado, you may qualify for a Colorado drivers license under Colorado's Interstate Compact Law.

Speaking of Florida a gentleman came to me a short time ago who had been revoked for life in Florida for multiple DUI convictions. Despite the fact he had been sober for the last fifteen years, Florida refused to issue him a new driver's license or to release the NDR hold on his license. Before coming to see me he had talked to numerous attorneys but had been unable to find anyone who could help him. After obtaining a copy of his Florida driver's record I set up a hearing with the colorado department of revenue under the interstate compact law. After the hearing my client was issued a new Colorado license in less than one hour!

The Colorado "Interstate Driver License Compact" provides that Colorado shall honor license suspensions and revocations in other states. However, the Compact also provides that the State may issue licenses to Colorado residents who are eligible under Colorado Law even though they may be ineligible to drive under another state's laws.

The entire process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. You must establish residency to qualify and cannot have driven for at least one year. You should also be ready to show proof of long term sobriety. We pride ourselves on doing an thorough job in attempting to get these types of licenses for people looking for a second chance in life - we will guide through the whole process. Give us a call at 1.877.362.9091.

Early Reinstatement - Interlock Driving Program

As of January 2001, the Colorado Department of Revenue instituted sweeping changes to the interlock driving program. The interlock program allows most drivers on long term revocations, due at least in part to alcohol related driving offenses, to obtain early reinstatement of their driving privileges. FYI, a minimum requirement for a license under the interlock program is "no driving" for one year- only persons on long term license revocation are therefore eligible under the new program. If you meet the one year no driving requirement, final eligibility for an interlock license will be calculated on the basis of your driving history.

If you have had two or more dui's within a five year period or have had three dui's within a lifetime, you will be required to obtain an interlock device for at least one year before regular driver's license will be issued. For more information see Colorado Revised Statute sec. 42-2-132.5